Start-Up R&D has been created by David Biggs - a UK based CIMA qualified accountant and Finance Director.

He has successfully completed R&D claims for well over 30 different qualifying projects in the last 8 years. He created Start-Up R&D to fulfil a need that his entrepreneurial friends were demanding; they had heard about and wanted to claim R&D tax relief but were confused by its technical nature so were forced to use specialist consultants. Most wanted to give it a go themselves but didn't know where to start, and didn't have prior experience of a successful claim.

David believes that CEO/CTOs know their businesses inside out (if they don't, they should) and these people are best placed to complete their own R&D claims. The time it takes to explain their business technical expertise to a third party consultant could be far better invested in completing an easy to follow template themselves, following detailed instructions that ensure the report is easily digested by HMRC. Furthermore, the numbers element should also be easy to complete, with a little help and information either held internally, or by a payroll provider / external accountant. Essentially completing the claims using our methodology should be substantially quicker and cheaper than using an external consultant*.


*In some cases due to the complexity and size of the claim then a more detailed consultancy may be required, and this will be assessed throughly and independently on application. Not all claims are straightforward, and all will be honestly evaluated through the application process and where larger technical expertise is needed, we will recommend this strategy.